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Speakers + Hosts

Glenn Brown

Director of Promoted Content and Sponsorships, Twitter

Glenn runs Twitter's Promoted Content and Sponsorships team out of New York. The team handles scaled monetization partnerships as well as leading-edge proofs of concept for brands, media companies, and creative agencies.

Representative Twitter Promoted Content programs include:

#GameFace: An ESPN - NBA Finals two-screen experience (broadcast + Twitter) sponsored by Gillette in 2012. #GameFace was the first in a series of joint ESPN - Twitter projects.

@NBABackboardCam: An NBA Twitter account that tweets photos from behind the glass. The Backboard Cam debuted during the 2012 #SpriteSlam Dunk Contest and re-appeared for the 2012 Finals, sponsored by Sprint.

#PepsiMusicNow: A year-long program featuring live-stream concerts, weekly trending music videos, and tweet-driven MP3 giveaways powered by deals with AEG, Reveille/Shine, Amazon MP3, and ICG.

London 2012 Photos: A series of programs at the London Olympics, in partnership with Getty Images, including campaigns with @Bounty, P&G's @ThankYouMom, and @PanasonicUK, as well as creative conception behind the London Olympic Committee's tweeting robotic cameras from the floor of the Olympic pool, above the Olympic wrestling mat, etc. -- a continuation of the Tweeting Sports Objects concept begun with NBA Backboard Cam.

Before joining Twitter, Glenn was head of music partnerships at YouTube, where he negotiated premium and user-generated music video deals with all major and independent labels and publishers, as well as the original YouTube-VEVO deal. Glenn's YouTube team also launched the original UNSTAGED series of livestream concerts with VEVO and American Express in 2010.

Glenn has also been Product Counsel at Google, founding Executive Director of Creative Commons, a lecturer at Stanford Law School, and a U.S. Appeals Court judicial clerk.

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